At Hockomockswamp we take beagles seriously, and we take pride in our reputation. Here are some satisfied folks who have gotten beagles from us:

Just to let you know that the puppy is doing just great. She has been named "Merrybell" (after Christmas), and is doing fantastically. She has a wonderful personality. My mom is going to take her on 2/1 after we potty-train her a little for a month, and she is doing very well with potty training.

If anyone ever is looking for a beagle or if I decide to ever get another one, I would get the pup from you. I am very impressed with the dog's personality/temperament and she is a very smart dog!!

Have a happy new year,

Ursula Matulonis.

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Hello Ray,
Last night, we visited the Hockomock website and decided to send along an email to let you know how our Hockomock beagle, Swansea, is doing. Swans is now two years old and she's well loved. Although her nose sometimes gets her in trouble, she's always making us laugh with a personality all her own. Here are a few of her best (and funniest) pictures--she's a well-read beagle (also a stealthy stealer on occassion). :) Thanks so much for such a wonderful family beagle!!
Cheryl and Dom Marzziotti
Grafton, MA

Duncan and I wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas, fiiled with fun, happy memories and every joy of the season!
Duncan is such a good-natured, smart, handsome little guy. I am so proud of him! He is the star of the neighborhood! Santa is going to be bringing him lots of biscuits this year!

We look forward to coming for a visit in the New Year!

God Bless,

Dean and Duncan

I just wanted to let you both know how well Duncan is doing! He's so smart, gentle and friendly and mischievious! When we walk in the neighborhood, people will constantly stop and interact with us! He makes new friends everywhere we go. I always mention that I got my puppy at Hockomock Swamp, in Swansea, MA! Duncan is a mini-celebrity in the area, not to mention a "chick magnet"! I've even hooked up with a neighborhood pet group that gets together every now and then, thanks to Duncan.

His training is going quite well. I am very proud of him! With lots of consistent praise and love, he's almost completed his potty trainning, with a few minor accidents here and there. He sits down at every intersecrion we come to and will wait patiently until I say "Okay", which release him from the command, and we continue on our way. I'm working now on having him "Stay."

I thank you both everyday for letting me have this wonderful beagle! He's the light of my life! I'll send some pictures soon!

God Bless,

Dean Patrie

Hi Ray,

I just wanted to drop you a line & let you know that MAXI is doing GREAT. She adjusted so quickly & well to her new surroundings; she loves to bark at our family cat who hisses back in return; we laughed so hard at the 2 of them one night; Maxi would bark at Kitty in the Entry and then quickly run into the kitchen as if to be safe there, this went on for the longest time, it was simply hillariuos.

She has a wonderful bark for a pup, kinda med-deep hop and then she do a long ah-whoo. She is already housebroke with no accidents in the past 2 days, she picked it up fast and knew exactly what I wanted her to do, and wasted no time doing it; except poops take a little longer to find the perfect spot, she even has gone to the door to let me know. She wakes me up once during the night to go out, but that is quick and usually returns right back to sleep.

She adores the kids and gets lots of attention from them. She likes to explore outside, but the weather is chilly now, so I don't like to let her out long. Hopefully it will warm up soon. She is eating well and doesn't over indulge. I will try to keep you up-dated & send a photo soon. Well, I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks again for a FANTASTIC little pup.



Just wanted to drop a note telling you how great Sherlock is doing! The picture shows him with my younger sister. He was super at the holidays (we were a little worried to have so many new people at once, but he is quite the social guy!) We will start puppy classes this weekend, but he is already responding to sit, down, come, and outside. The crate training is going very well and we just love the little, rambunctious guy! Our biggest problem is he always wants to be with us (if you can call that a problem!).

Thanks again and happy new year!

Vanessa Bilello


Just wanted to thank you for all the help and great ideas that you gave us when we bought our little beagle.  We bought Tessa's little boy on Saturday.  He has been GREAT!  He peed outside the minute he got to our house.  We have been following your instructions to the tee and he is amazing.  EVERY time I take him out he pees or poops, and he did so well even with the snow.  He has only had three or four accidents since he came home.  He slept last night from 12 midnight till 6:30 am.  His crate was dry, he sleeps right in our room and he didn't whine or cry at all.  I have had dogs before, but I have never seen a dog that was a good as him.  We are truely amazed.  He really didn't even cry the first night, maybe for 5 minutes or  so.  He does nip so we are trying to stop that right away, already he won't do it to me or my husband and he will stop doing it to the kids as soon as we tell him ! to stop.  Every one that I tell about him says that beagles bark so much, I havent heard him bark more than three times since we got him, and that was when he was playing with a toy, hopefully we will prove everyone wrong.  He is eating great, playing with the kids from the moment we got home.  He loves the car, falls right to sleep.  We will keep you posted on how he is doing.  By the way, we named him Beagle Bailey Bento :)

Jennifer Bento

Thank you again for all the info it really helped.

Our little Murphy-girl is doing GREAT.  She is already showing signs of being house trained.  She peed a few times in the kitchen(where we keep her), but she has NOT done anything in her crate.  She has not pooped in the house either.  She wanders around and kitchen sniffing and whimpers, and i took her out last nite to poop.  Now, she goes to the kitchen door which faces the outside if she needs to do something, and she goes out and does it!!  She is doing so good.  She is eating her food (one bit of kibble at a time), hasnt finished a serving yet, but she is still little

She LOVES to play, and loves her daddy :)  she curls up and sleeps on me a lot.  Her normal routine seems to be, play for about an hour then take a nap.  Last night she slept from about 12:30-6:30 (well at least she was quiet in her crate that long)

She does like to lick....a nip when shes excited.  Sometimes im not sure she realizes she is nipping(she may be trying to pry marisa's slipper off her foot or my sock off my foot and she'll bite our toes or something) But we tell her no EVERY time she starts to nip, and i give her a piece of rawhide to replace my finger :)

But she is doing great.  Despite the HUGE amount of snow, we have been able to clear a path for her to do her "business" outside.  When we bring her out, we put a little towel in the dryer so when she comes in after a few minutes, she can get wrapped up in it. 

Just giving you the update, so far so good!!!

Rick + Marisa

Back in October 2003 we picked up a male beagle from you. Our vet loves when we bring him in he is always commenting on his colors and how he is a gorgeous beagle. The kids named him Sir BusterBob Buffaluffagus the 1st. Wanted to let you and Marcia know he is doing very well. He's quite the character. I never knew the personalities that a beagle has til BusterBob. I've put some pictures of him on You can look them up one of two ways. You can do a search for busterbob or look them up by my member name, normajean0612.

He likes to sleep under the covers. And he snores. We give him special dental chews we get from the vet. He grumbles at you til you ask him what he wants. Then he runs for the kitchen and scratches the drawer where we keep them. I could go on forever all the things he does.

Thanks a mil,

Norma & David Gecks

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