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HOCKOMOCK SWAMP WILD WILLOW- Willow is Torie and Cooper's daughter, and she is a true lemon and white beagle. So far Willow is an absolute knock out in conformation and personality. Hopefully she will have her dad's skills in the field and be a credit to her grandmom, Brandy.  

Click on image to enlargeWillow

Willow(Hockomock Swamp Victorie X Hockomock Swamp BD Cooper) was born February 13, 2004. She is a lemon and white beagle. Here she is pictured with AKC Junior Handler Bob Sylvia, known to his friends as "Big."  


Buzzie is a small tri-colored beagle w/ excellent conformation bred by Toby Cranfill of North Carolina. His dad is Field Champion TJC's Limit and mom is TJC's Pochohauntas. Buzzie is a handsome little dog with a big personlaity.We exoect him to be a small under 13 inch beagle. DOB 5/5/03 Breeder: Toby Cranfill, Owner: R, Guay

Click on image to enlargeBuzzin' Hornet

Imus is Bea and Imus' pup born 6/18/03. Imus is a true lemon and white pup and conformation looks to be excellent.

Click on image to enlargeImus

Imus (Bea X B's Imus -breeder Ray Guay) is pictured here with our lab, Cole. Imus has excellent conformation to AKC beagle standards. nice straight legs, super bite and good body proportions all around, and he is very small. Hopefully, he will make his mom and grandmother Brandy proud in the field! DOB 6/18/02 Owner: Ray Guay
Breeder/Owner: Ray Guay

Cole the Lab & ImusClick on image to enlargeImus


Cooper is Brandy's grandson, Digger's pup. He is a tan and white under 15" male, about 30 pounds. He has good conformtion for a field hound. His legs and feet are good, he has a nice square build to him and proportions are very good. His bite is perfect. He will throw lemon and white pups. He is driving rabbit as a pup like a fully broke hound. He is the most loveable male we have ever had and one of our full time housedogs. He is such an awesome dog we call him Super Coop.
Click on image to enlargeCooper
This was Cooper at 2.5 months. He was already using his nose to drive our resident pet bunny around the yard! Our next field champion??? So far he has very good conformation to AKC standards and is proving himself to be smart as a whip. Breeder Kim Paul; Owner Ray Guay
Click on image to enlargeClick on image to enlargeSleepy Cooper! Nothing like a good old snooze in a basket! What ears!



Willie is Shyla and Bullet's pup. He has great conformation for an under 13 inch beagle - and especially nice feet! His markings are gorgeous - very bright. He has a perfect bite, nice straight legs, good bone structure and he is built square, His muzzle is deep and he has the loving hound look, with nice long ears. With the high intensity he is showing in the field as a derby, he should be an awesome hound. He is a loving pet and great fun to be around. He is a proven stud and has sired two gorgeous litters, one with ten pups! Willie was awarded the 13" Male Most Conisitent Derby award by the North East Beagle Gundog Federation for 2003.

Click on image to enlargeWillie


DIgger (Brandy's pup with AKC J & J Bad News Sox, owner Doug Bower), is an example of an open-marked ticked tri-color beagle, He has good to very good conformation to AKC standards for beagles for a field bred hound, and he is doing
some nice work in the field as an SPO hound. DIgger snagged two seconds in AKC icensed trials his derby year (2001 Plainvlle and Cape Cod Beagle Clubs) -and took second at Salmon Falls in SPO on hare 5/09/03. He has about thirty points toward his field champion title. We are very happy with his progress so far, and personality wise, he can't be beat! Digger measures 12 3/4 inches (official) at the shoulder and weighs in around 21.5 pounds. He is DNA certified by AKC. We have high hopes for Digger!
Click on image to enlargeDigger

13" small tri-colored male. SIRE: AKC FC Brown's LA Dark Black Bob, (Toby Cranfill); DAM: AKC Scott County Black Betty, (Joseph Love & Dennis Cook) OWNER: Raymond Guay Bullet has a licensed SPO 4th place @ Eastern CT B/C and a sanctioned SPO 3rd place @ Central MA B/C in his derby year - 2000, and he has been DNA tested and certified by the AKC. He has good conformation and is available for stud service. He's a proven stud and has sired a litter of as many of ten pups. Call for details.
Click on image to enlargeBullet

Sammie is a pretty little tricolored beagle puppy. AKC conformation is good -excellent. She is the daughter of Field Champion J&J Bad New Dee. She has an excellent personality so far and seems very interested in bunnies. .
Click on image to enlargeSamantha

Shelby is Brandy's daughter with Field Champion Chestnut Street Bossman (owner Tom Bray) DOB December 15, 2002. She is a tiny lemon and white beagle, around 11 to 12 pounds, with excellent conformation - nice and square in the build with straight legs, cat feet and a beautiful muzzle. When she is a year old we will know whether she will fit the pocket beagle description. She is chasing bunnies already at 7 months with some finesse. We are hoping she'll be a credit to her parents who are both accomplished hounds. Breeder: Ray Guay Owner: Ray Guay
Click on image to enlargeShelby

Carmela is Bea and Digger's daughter. She is a beautiful small hound w/ excellent conformation all around. Carmela is a true lemon and white. She is chasing bunnies well so far and seems to be on track to be a good rabbit dog. She is proving to be close on checks and may be a field trial candidate in another year, Carmela weighs about 18 pounds and her personality is AWESOME! DOB 11/18/02 Breeders/Owners M&R Guay
Click on image to enlargeCarmela


Hazel is bred by Al Cormier out of AK Cutie and AK Tripp. Hazel is a beautiful lemon and white small female and we have high hopes for her in the field. Conformation to AKC standards is excellent. She is one of our best looking dogs and personality is excellent. Owner: Ray Guay
Click on image to enlargeHazelClick on image to enlargeHazel close-up Hazel and Cooper

Hazel sitting Hazel's pup


"Torie" is Brandy's and Bullet's daughter. She is a standard tri-colored beagle who looks like the poster child for the beagle breed, with her sweet loving expression and really long ears. Torie has excellent conformation to AKC standards for beagles - a perfect bite and nice straight legs. She is under 13 inches, Being Brandy's pup her disposition is unbeatable. She is driving rabbit and we're hoping she hunts as good as she looks! (DOB 2/9/02) OWNER Ray Guay BREEDER Ray Guay

Click on image to enlargeVictorie


Gretta is Bullet's daughter out of a friend's female "Joanie". Joanie is Coco's half sister.Gretta is an under 13 inch tri-colored beagle with ticking. She has good conformation for a field bred dog and a nice even blaze on her face. She is two years old and a lover - not a rabbit hunter! At about 20 pounds she is a nice beanie baby for snuggling and good company!

Click on image to enlargeGrettaClick on image to enlargeHere's a side view of Gretta to show off her beautiful markings. She has just had pups in this photo so she looks a little heavier than normal. Bullet is in the background wanting to play.


Coco and Digger's daughter Splash (1/4/02) is an open marked under 13 inch pup, who weighs around 17 lbs, She is doing very well on rabbit and has placed in several derby trials. She has a very good nose, is close on checks and has good instincts. We are hoping she continues to make good progress. She has good to excellent conforamtion to AKC standards for beagles.

Click on image to enlargeSplashClick on image to enlarge


Brandy: SIRE: Brown's LA White Knuckler (Fred
DAM: Brown's LA Arkansas Annie (Rudy
Owner: Ray Guay. Licensed AKC trial record in the 13 inch female class is as follows: First place: Cape Cod Beagle Club (MA) SPO-R 5/11/03, Second places: Plainville Beagle Club (MA) SPO-R 9/5/00; Thornton Beagle Club(RI) Small Pack on Hare 5/6/01, Cape Cod Beagle Club 7/01, Bay State Beagle Club 3/29/03; Thirds - Tri-County Beagle Cub 2002, Bay State Beagle Club (MA) SPO-R March 30, 2002; Plainville Beagle Club 2002, Fourths: Bay State Beagle Club (MA) SPO-R, 4/7/00; Eatern Connecticut Beagle Club (CT) SPO-R, 5/19/01, Thornton Beagle Club 4/06/03. Brandy has a total of 94 points towards her field champion title. She is a moderate speed hound with a truly superior nose who is also very close on checks- a cleaner hound than most. Keep on working, Brandy!


Brandy with pups from her litter of 1999 out of AKC Oak Grove "Brush Buster", owned by Dave Peltier.

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Click on image to enlargeBrandyClick on image to enlargeBrandy and her pups


View our photos to see our breeding stiock and examples of our puppies. Our dogs and pups receive loving care and optimum nutritional & veterinary products and care, are kept and raised in an ultraclean environment, receive daily exercise and training, and spend quality time in our home with our family.

!! WE ARE BEAGLE LOVERS !! We are NOT a puppy mill!!


SIRE: FC More Water Easy Pickens (Fred Rego)
DAM: Hockomock Swamp Little Bit ("Babe") (Dave Peltier) Biikle was 1997 NEHBA 13: HIGH DERBY 1st RUNNER UP and NEHBA 13" HIGH HOIUND 1998. Owner: Ray Guay (Brandy is in the background)

This is another photo of Billie with little Tyler. Billie is a very athletically built beagle who measures 12.5 inches at the shouldeer. She has a gorgeous head, nice long ears and gorgeous hound eyes. She is from field championship lines, and her father is a well known AKC field champion, "AKC FC Mo' Water Easy Pickens", Bllie has raised up two litters of pups, all of whom were placed in pet homes, and each has done well. Her pups have great dispositions, and have all become important family members. She is a tri-color beagle, black, white and tan, and is "open- marked" , instead of having a solid black blanket. Billie has a wonderful gentle disposition, and as you can see, she LOVES KISSES! Thanks to Missie for letting us use the photo of her son, Tyler!
Click on images to enlarge   Click on image to enlargeBillie Jo - ANOTHER VIEWClick on image to enlarge


Zach is Tessa's pup out of Imus, born 5/12/03. He is a handsome standard tri who should be very small. Conformation is excellent all around. Owners/Breeders: M & R Guay

BLACK ZACH Zach Click on image to enlargeHow cute is this???Click on image to enlargeSnarlianna (in front) & Zach

Click on image to enlargeBrandy says, "Contact Us! WE LOVE OUR BEAGLES - YOU WILL, TOO!!!!!"

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Tess is the daughter of Shyla and Bullet. She is tiny! And gorgeous! So small she meets parameters defining a "pocket beagle", most people think she is just a puppy, not a full grown adult. She is a firecracker for sure and we have high aspirations for her! A standard tri-colored beagle, she has excellent conformation to AKC standards. Owner/Breeder: Ray Guay
Click on image to enlargeTessClick on image to enlarge TESS OUR POCKET BEAGLE


Bea is an established member of our family. She is a lemon and white beagle bred by our friends Al and Kathy Cormier. She is very well bred and has Les Blondino's AKC Field Champion Kallagha's bloodlines. She has very good to excellent conformation to AKC standards. One of her best assets is her beautifully shaped head with her deep muzzle as it is harder to get a nice muzzle on a female than a male. Her legs are straight and her feet are excellent. She is a daintily boned under 15 inch beagle but she throws small dogs. Bea is driving rabbits more conservatively now. While her style used to resemble the antics of Cosmo Kramer on the old Seinfeld show rather than any field champion contender, she has knuckled down and gotten closer on her checkwork. For hunting she is a first stringer. She is a great start dog with a good nose who always comes up with the track, and we may be able to field trial her as she matures. She has also produced one pup we know of who looks like an excellent prospect for field trial work. She is our pet and we love her to death!
Click on image to enlargeBea


Here's a picture of Katie - on the left, with Brandy, demonstrating what beagles like to do best! Katie has good to excellent conformation to AKC bench standards; her dad Sammy is an ARHA bench champion, which is where Katie gets her good looks. Katie is a traditional tri-colored beagle. She measures under 13 inches -about 11.5 in.12, and weighs approximately 20 pounds muscled up,
Katie is from field champion lines from AKC and NRHA stock. She is AKC registered and runs a nice rabbit. She is one of our most handsome dogs.

Click on image to enlargeKatie (left) and BrandyClick on image to enlarge SIDE VIEW Here's Katie again, (and part of Digger!) Katie has good to excellent conformation to standards for beagles - beautiful head, legs, and feet. Her body proportions are also very good, and she is built ruggedly for such a small dog.


Brite is a tiny under 13" beagle weighing approximately 16 poundsand measuring around 11.5 inches. She is a standard tri-colored beagle who has a little open marking on her lower back. Brite has that "puppy look" to her; with her cute face, and her short little nose, she will look young her whole life. She has nice low set ears, good body proportions, good legs and feet and an excellent tail. Her eyes are beautifully set and very soulful and she has a great head. She has short soft fur, and once you pick her up, you can't put her down! Brite is from field champion lines, and a really excellent rabbit dog. She had SIX wins in the Derby Trials and reeived the New England Hunting Beagle Assocaition High Derby Award for 2001, Go Brite!
Click on image to enlargeBriteClick on image to enlarge BRITE - ANOTHER VIEW. Here's another photo of little Brite, which shows off her legs and feet. All in all, a nice little dog..

SIRE: FC Ridley's Surefire BB Rider (Brian
& Jeff Ridley)
DAM: Hockomock Swamp Little Bit (Dave Peltier)
Owner: Ray Guay
AKC LICENSED WINS: Mid Hudson Beagle Club 2000; Tri County Beagle Club 2000; Thornton eagle Club. Titles: New England Hunting Beagle Association Run Off WInner - Derby Class - 2000; New England Hunting Begale Association Run Off Winner - All Age Class - 2000. New England Hunting Beagle Association High Hound 2002; New England Hunting BeagleAssociation Most Conisitent Hound 2002. NEGBF 2003 Most Consistent Hound Runner-Up.

Coco with her first litter sired by DIgger. Coco is a "brown, white and tan" colored beagle, one of the many hound color combinations recognized by the AKC. Her light eyes are appropriate with her coat color. Also consistent with her coloring are her liver colored nose and pads.

Click on image to enlargeCocoClick on image to enlargeCoco & Coco's Pups!